Hachi Lifestyle


Hachi Lifestyle specializes in architectural wall finishes plasters. We bring you the authentic and original high-end decorative coatings from Italy. Our comprehensive line of decorative finishes include natural lime-based hard polished plasters, Venetian plasters, decorative stucco, resins and quartz-based designer textures, to various types of effects finishes (matt, marble gloss, velvet, suede, metallic, pearlescent, glazes and multi-chromatic).

With a fully customizable finishes for each unique project, we offer infinite artistic and creative expression of each individual wall. Hence allowing designers, architects and house owners to redefine the aesthetics of colours and textures without compromising on environment and safety.

Our materials (made under EN UNI ISO 9001) are eco-friendly. Most of them are water-based, withvery low to zero VOC, non toxic, with no harmful preservatives and solvents.

Professionally trained by the Italian masters, our in-house team are committed to deliver quality workmanship and ability to meet project schedules. We continue with our networking with international partners in Europe and America working together in redefining the aesthetics and applications in new designs, textures in wall finishes.