Venetian Plaster Finishes

Venetian plaster - Gross - diagonal

Hand trowelled Grosso- our thickest in grain of our venetian plasters, done in a diagonal scheme to enhance this wall on the stairs.

Venetian plaster - Polished Plaster

Beautiful venetian plaster done on column, polished and finished with beeswax. We used a dual tone polished plasters to achieve the marble effects. 

Venetian plaster - Marmorino Naturale Plaster

A slightly coarser grain than polished plaster, this material yields very natural matte finish with slight sheen upon compacting. This wall, we finished complete with natural beeswax for protection and easy maintenance. Wall will continue with its carbonation process resulting in more aged and matured look over time.

Venetian plaster - Polished Plaster

Wallpaper was peeling due to high humidity in wall. We pre-treated the wall with waterproofing solution before finishing up with our breathable Venetian plaster.

Venetian Concrete Plaster

This wall was made from MDF board panel, and installed with our Soul Cement coating and lightly burnished to give it some character.

Venetian plaster - Grosso - Linear

Existing strata unit restoration and upgrade project for all common lift walls in this 5-levels building. We use Grosso and create linear effects, finished off with shades of silvers and dark greys to enhance the lines and illusion of 3-dimensional effects.

Venetian plaster - Grosso - Diagonal

Architect office feature wall wanted a sleek finish. We created a ‘stone wall’ with grosso, a coarser plaster with bigger grains and texturised it with special brush. Finished off with protection coat of pearlescent tints of various silvers and shades to achieve the chromatic and multi-dimensional effects.

Venetian plaster - Grosso - Diagonal

Extraordinary kitchen splash-back. Final coating protected with coating of Sealer and polyurethane to allow easy maintenance.

Venetian plaster - Grosso - Diagonal

Bold statement on Ceiling. We made crackle effects on this wall, using our thickest venetian plaster-Grosso. Finished off with pearlescent coating to protect and seal the surface.

Venetian Polished Plaster

Coffee place and Bakery wanted a cozy lounge for guests’ dining. Our polished plasters was tinted in light warm grey and matches very well with the pink hues and the sofa in bitter orange leather.

Resins Paints

Resins paints which are breathable, light and eco-friendly decorated these lift lobby walls in a serviced apartment. Technique in application resulted in a woven texture mimicking linen.