Features of Venetian Plaster

Fine Italian Lime Plaster

Stucco with stencil

‘Perfetto’ – natural, breathable, zero-low VOCs, water-based and totally green eco product. Your walls will age gracefully over time.

Features of our Venetian plaster materials

Made in Italy

Most of our venetian plasters are Italian made. These are lime-mineral based and the authentic ones used in Italy (no synthetic additives or acrylic modifiers). We do use local Australia brands however majority of the raw materials are imported from Italy and repackaged locally in Australia.

Raw ingredients used

Most venetian plasters are made with seasoned slake lime, powdered marble, crushed limestone, earth based pigments, natural polymers, pozzolans, selected crystalline calcites and river sands.

Types of Venetian Plaster

The names used commercially are somewhat confusing as there is no standardized naming system applied to the manufacturing of Italian venetian plasters. Names may refer to composition, style, or may be merely branding, or some combination of the three. Further confusion comes from the vernacular use of the term "Venetian" to refer to any and all types and techniques of decorative plaster work.

In our terminology, we classify our plasters based on the grains and types of application;

Stucco Veneziano

Stucco Veneziano - contains no sand and is applied in multiple thin layers. It can be applied very subtle and matte or can be polished to a high reflectiive mirror sheen like marble.

Marmorino Fine

Marmorino Fine - Thinner plaster with a less and smaller sand particles. Applied matte or medium or polished for more variation and movement of color.

Marmorino Grosso

Marmorino Grosso - similar to fine, but with slightly thicker grains and sand allowing more texture and thickness to be form on surface. Popular to create effects of linear, diagonal, distress, crackle and many creative technique used to make the visual impact.


Traventino - Thickest plaster with biggest grains and sand particles. Highly durable and suitable for exterior application.

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