We use a range of different materials according to needs of the project. These are some of the brands that we carry; Dulux Australia AcraTex- Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, Concrete, Stucco Metropolis (Italy) and Cement Plaster Design (Spain) range of mineral finishes and resins – for wall and floor applications

PRODUCT categories

Dulux Venetican Plaster


Italian made. 
Decorative Plaster, luxurious rich with depth and character finish, can be polished to high reflective mirror like sheen. Final coat of beeswax to enhance protection and durability.
(aka Stucco Veneziano, Polished Plasters, Polished Stucco, Marble plasters).

Decorative Plaster Sydney


Italian made. Material is slightly thicker in grain than Venetian plaster. The finish is less polished resulting in a more naturale look. Perfect to cover imperfection in existing wall. Final coat of either beeswax or pearlescent coating to enhance the depth or color can be used.
(aka Marmorino Naturale, Fine)

Cement Plaster Sydney


Latest trendy finish used mainly in hospitality industry. Some designer love the minimalist and industrial feel flows through home walls. Blends very well with wooden rustic furniture to match the cool concrete or cement greys. 
Materials made in Spain. 

venetian plaster stone traventine


Italian made. Grains are thickest, and application suitable for hand made texture- creating effects of Traventine, Stone, Tuscany, Crackle.
Material is highly durable and suitable for walls with high traffic.

venetian plaster grosso diagonal


Handmade texture, complementary colors to match the individual design and aesthetics pleasure.
As the material is highly breathable it is suitable for dry bathroom area with high humidity.

resins paints


Using various tools and techniques, we create awesome texture from linear, stippling, ragging, sponging. Our italian resins paints are fully breathable and eco friendly.

venetian plaster grosso circular


Italian made. Grains are thickest, and application suitable for hand made texture- creating effects of circular motion strokes, and finished with a pearlescent coating bringing out the multi dimensional look.

venetian plaster grosso linear


Handmade texture, the linear effects are not too random or uniform to be unique. A favourite finish for offices and hospitality as the hand strokes achieved are elegant yet bespoke.

Customised wall Concrete Cement


Distressed Cement wall look, using our Soul Cement materials. 

our expertise

venetian polished plaster


As Craftsman, we are diligent in colors mixing and blending skills that make us great partner with reputable architect and interior designer, complementing project design and themes


Our materials are imported mainly from Italy and Spain, with manufacturing standards exceeding international global standards. In Australia, we partner with Dulux Acratex promoting their range of Dulux Venetian Plasters.

qualified and licensed

Trained in Italy by the master applicators, with over a decade of experience specialising only in stucco application, Edwin has also accreditation from Master Builder (NSW) for his Certification. Licensed by NSW #316203C